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New York Significantly Expands its Equal Pay Protections and Bans Salary History Inquiries

New York recently enacted legislation significantly expanding its equal pay laws and prohibiting employers from inquiring into an applicant’s salary history. These new laws bring New York State, as a whole, in line with laws currently in effect in New York City and become effective October 8, 2019.

Pay Equity

Currently, New York law protects against gender-based pay inequality by requiring equal pay for equal work. The new legislation, similar to New Jersey’s recent pay equity law expansion, requires equal pay for “substantially similar work” and applies to all protected categories, including, race, sexual orientation, and disability, not just gender.

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New York Employers Must Post Election Rights Notice by June 15, 2019!

As we previously posted, New York recently amended its Election Law to provide that registered voters are entitled to receive up to three hours of time off to vote, without loss of pay. As explained in the updated notice issued by the State Board of Elections, employees are allowed to take time off to vote at either the beginning or end of the employee’s work shift, unless otherwise agreed to between the employer and employee. Employees are required to notify their employers at least two days before the election of their need for time off to vote.

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2019 Continues to Bring More Changes to New York's (and New York City's) Employment Laws

As readers of this blog are aware, over the past couple of years both New York State and New York City have been active in passing laws governing the workplace. That trend is continuing in 2019 as new laws go into effect and others are implemented by the State and City. Employers must remain vigilant in keeping abreast of new laws and ensuring compliance with them to avoid potential legal liabilities.

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2019 Brings Significant New Obligations For New York Employers - Is Your Business Ready?

As we enter 2019, employers throughout New York must start preparing to comply with several new obligations going into effect this year at the state and local level. 

 Sexual Harassment Training

 As we previously posted, both New York State and New York City significantly expanded their sexual harassment laws in 2018. Among other changes, both of those laws require employers to provide sexual harassment training in 2019.

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New York Significantly Expands Its Sexual Harassment Laws: Five Takeaways for Employers

On March 31, 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a sweeping expansion of New York's sexual harassment laws. The new legislation contains a number of provisions that will require most New York employers to update their policies and procedures for preventing and dealing with sexual harassment issues. Of particular note for employers are the following provisions:

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'Tis the Season: Is Your Business Ready to Comply with its Year-End Employment Obligations?

As we enter the Holiday Season, business owners need to remain mindful of upcoming changes in employment laws and the year-end human resources compliance obligations that might effect their businesses.

Minimum Wage Increases

 The minimum wage in both New York and New Jersey is set to increase shortly. 

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New York Case Law Update - Second Circuit Confirms "Motivating Factor" Standard for FMLA Retaliation Claims

In Woods v. START Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc., the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that an employee alleging unlawful retaliation under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), must prove that her exercise of FMLA rights was a "motivating factor" in an employer's adverse employment action.  The "motivating factor" standard is a lower standard of causation than the "but for" standard typically used in the context of employment claims.

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