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2019 Continues to Bring More Changes to New York's (and New York City's) Employment Laws

As readers of this blog are aware, over the past couple of years both New York State and New York City have been active in passing laws governing the workplace. That trend is continuing in 2019 as new laws go into effect and others are implemented by the State and City. Employers must remain vigilant in keeping abreast of new laws and ensuring compliance with them to avoid potential legal liabilities.

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Starting your Business - Which Legal Entity is Right for You?

When starting a business, choosing the type of entity for that business is a crucial decision. That decision can affect the business owners taxes, liability for business obligations, and the management of the business.  Given the possible legal and tax consequences of this decision, it is one that should be made with the advice and counsel of a both a lawyer and a tax professional. Highlights of the features of several types of business entities are noted below.  

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