Employment Counseling

Our primary focus is employment counseling to help employers protect their business and employees. We help business owners navigate the increasingly complex legal, compliance, and human resources issues small and medium sized business owners face every day.  Some of our employment law services include:

  • Human resources counseling and compliance;

  • Executive compensation;

  • Employee handbooks and policies;

  • Wage and hour audits;

  • Employment agreements;

  • Confidentiality agreements;

  • Restrictive covenants;

  • Hiring;

  • Terminations and reductions in force;

  • Employee discipline;

  • Harassment awareness training; and

  • Workplace investigations

Employment Litigation

Although our goal is to help our clients avoid litigation, sometimes that is just not possible. If litigation is necessary, we handle the following types of employment disputes:

  • Harassment;

  • Discrimination;

  • Wrongful termination;

  • Whistleblower;

  • Wage and hour; and

  • Breach of contract.