Business Counseling

We guide business owners and closely-held businesses through their legal and contractual rights and obligations in order to maximize business operations and minimize legal risks.  We can assist your existing business or startup with the following types of matters:

  • Selection and formation of an business entity;

  • Business counseling and compliance;

  • Shareholder advice;

  • Contractual and statutory rights and obligations; and

  • Protection of proprietary information.

Business Litigation

We can help protect you or your business if you are faced with the prospect of litigation with a competitor, vendor, customer, or another member of your closely-held business. We handle the following types of disputes:

  • Breach contract;

  • Tortious interference;

  • Minority shareholder oppression;

  • Unfair competition; and

  • Misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information.

Data Privacy

We counsel businesses on their data privacy obligations to protect them from liability in the event of a data breach or to remediate a data breach if one occurs.  Our data privacy services include:

  • Privacy policies;

  • Electronic data security policies;

  • Written information security programs (WISPs);

  • Cyber incident response plans (IRPs);

  • Employee data security training;

  • Data breach response; and

  • Breach notification compliance.