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New York Significantly Expands its Equal Pay Protections and Bans Salary History Inquiries

New York recently enacted legislation significantly expanding its equal pay laws and prohibiting employers from inquiring into an applicant’s salary history. These new laws bring New York State, as a whole, in line with laws currently in effect in New York City and become effective October 8, 2019.

Pay Equity

Currently, New York law protects against gender-based pay inequality by requiring equal pay for equal work. The new legislation, similar to New Jersey’s recent pay equity law expansion, requires equal pay for “substantially similar work” and applies to all protected categories, including, race, sexual orientation, and disability, not just gender.

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New Jersey Enacts Broad Expansion of its Equal Pay Laws Bringing With It Significant Liabilities for Employers

New Jersey's Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act (the "Equal Pay Act" or "Act") will become effective on July 1, 2018 and significantly expands New Jersey's equal pay laws. Violations of the Equal Pay Act will carry substantial liabilities, so New Jersey employers will need to act quickly to ensure compliance with the new law.

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