New York Employers Must Post Election Rights Notice by June 15, 2019!

As we previously posted, New York recently amended its Election Law to provide that registered voters are entitled to receive up to three hours of time off to vote, without loss of pay. As explained in the updated notice issued by the State Board of Elections, employees are allowed to take time off to vote at either the beginning or end of the employee’s work shift, unless otherwise agreed to between the employer and employee. Employees are required to notify their employers at least two days before the election of their need for time off to vote.

Employers in New York are required to post, at least ten days before an election, a notice setting forth the employees rights to time off to vote. The notice must be posted conspicuously and remain posted until the close of the polls on election day.

New York is scheduled to hold a primary election on June 25th, so the updated notice, which can be found here, must be posted by June 15th.

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