New York City's Accommodation Law and Work Schedule Change Law Go Into Effect July 18th


Two of New York City's recently enacted laws governing the employment relationship become effective this week, on July 18, 2018. The first law expands employer obligations under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL), concerning employee requests for reasonable accommodations. The second law grants eligible employees in New York City the right to make a limited number of work schedule changes for personal reasons each year.

 Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

 As I previously wrote on this blog, the amendment to the NYCHRL requires employers to engage in a cooperative dialogue when an employee requests, or an employer has notice of, an employee's need for an accommodation due to the employee's religious beliefs,  disability, a pregnancy related condition, or certain domestic or sex related crimes.

 In an expansion of prior obligations, employers must provide an employee seeking an accommodation with a written final determination after engaging, or attempting to engage, in the cooperative dialogue.

Work Schedule Changes

 New York City employers will also now be required to permit eligible employees to make two one-day temporary changes to their work schedules for personal events. The law contains specific requirements for employers and employees concerning requesting and responding to a request for a permitted temporary schedule change.

 Employers in New York City that have not already done so, should immediately contact counsel to update their employment policies and procedures and ensure compliance with these new laws. If you have questions about your business's obligations to its employees, please contact us at (646) 503-5358 or by email.