New York City Issues Temporary Schedule Change Law FAQs and Notice of Employee Rights


As readers of this blog know, New York City's Temporary Schedule Change Law, which requires employers to permit employees to make a limited number of work schedule changes each year, went into effect on July 18, 2018. Our prior posts on this law can be found here.

 The New York City Division on Consumer Affairs (DCA), which enforces the law, recently published its frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning employer obligations and employee rights under the law, as well as a Notice of Employee Rights poster. Currently the Notice is only available in English, but the DCA will be posting translated copies in other languages soon. The Notice must be posted in a conspicuous location in each New York City workplace.

 Employers in New York City should immediately post the Employee Rights Poster and ensure compliance with the other requirements of the new law. If you have questions about your business's obligations under New York City's employment laws, please contact us at (646) 503-5358 or through our online scheduling link to schedule a complimentary consultation.